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22 Miles Range Electric Scooter Adults, COCLUB 500W Motor E Scooter, Patinetas Electricas, Portable Folding Commuting Escooter with 10" Solid Tires | Front Suspension | App(15 MPH & 22 Miles)

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COCLUB D10 electric scooter for adults
The new D10 adult e-scooter has an IP54 waterproof rating, allowing you to commute with ease regardless of the weather. The upgraded 10-inch solid tires make it easier to pass over speed bumps and prevent tire punctures, avoiding any delays in work or ruining your mood for outdoor activities.

Commuter scooters don't need to be the fastest things around. It's long battery life, and the brushless motor is enough to get you to commute and travel. Features a 500W motor, boosting the e-scooter to a max speed of 19.9 MPH.

  • D10 Adult Electric Scooter Features:


    【Upgraded 500W Peak Power Electric Scooter 】

    Equipped with a 500W brushless powerful motor, COCLUB adult electric scooter can achieve speeds of up to 19.9 mph.

    【Long Battery Life】

    High capacity battery (36V/13AH) with a Max travel range of up to 25 Miles | 800+ Charging Cycles | 7 Years+ Lifetime

    【Stronger Scooter Pole】

    For providing a more comfortable and stable riding experience, the COCLUB D10 electric scooter is wider and stronger than ordinary electric scooters with 25% wider scooter pole and a stronger deck than other adult e scooters. The Carbon steel frame can carry 300 pounds and scooter pole can withstand harder impacts.

    【Portable&Folding Design】

    One-step folding system for easy portability.D10 escooter can be folded with ease in mere 3 seconds. Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly.

    【Upgrade Your Commuting】

    D10 scooter electrico front and rear wheel equipped with 10-inch solid tires and front shock absorbers provide max comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.

    【Being Safer With Technology】

    The scooter is equipped with a double braking system(EABS electronic brake and disc brake). A bright headlight, brake light, and a ring bell to enhance safe riding. If you plan on riding your electric scooter in the early morning (on work), at dusk (off work), or among city traffic, Double braking system and bright lights make your riding safer.

    【Big Unique Display】

    D10 is the first electric scooter in the market to have a big LCD display that shows you all the information you need. The speedometer, headlight, and battery indicator are clearly displayed for your convenience. It also has an automatic power-off feature to save your battery life.

  • Why choose D10?

    ✅500W Powerful Motor

    ✅19.9mph Top Speed

    ✅18-25 miles Long Range

    ✅10inch Solid Tire

    ✅IP54 Waterproof Rating

    D10 Foldable Scooter Multifunction:


    Electric scooter is a convenient aid for commuters, allowing you to ride short distances to work or reach bus/subway station.

    Visit your community neighbors

    Electric scooters are a highly convenient mode of transportation, especially for short distances within a community. They not only save energy but also make parking more convenient, allowing you to travel with ease.


    Take out your electric scooter from the bike trunk and explore the scenic spots, enjoying a wider view of the surroundings.

  • D10 Adult Electric Scooter Specification:

    1.Tire Size: 10inch Honeycomb

    2.Motor Power: 500W

    3.Battery: 36V-13AH/15AH

    4.Max Load: 120KG

    5.Max. Speed: 25KM/H

    6.Range: 30-40KM

    7.Motor Drive: Front-wheel drive

    8.Brake: E Brake + Disc Brake

    9.Shock absorber :YES

    10.Water Proof: IP54

    11.N.W: 15.5KG


    13.Carton Size: 114*18.5*52cm

    What's in the BOX?

    • 1x Electric Scooter
    • 1x Recharger
    • 1x Manual

    Pro Tips

    👉Wear a helmet. Need I say more? Protect your noggin.

    👉Check your local laws. Are electric scooters legal where you live? If so, what's the max speed limit? Do you have to be in the bike lane? Over the past three years, escooters have become a common sight in many cities. Chances are your state or city has spelled out rules about riding them.

    👉Be wary of potholes. If you're driving a car, you'd probably try and avoid a pothole, so do the same with a scooter.

    👉Don't store your escooter in excessive temperatures. Extreme heat and extreme cold are not good for batteries. Store your escooter indoors in a cool, dry place, like you would your breakfast cereal!

    👉One rider only, please.

    👉Don't leave your escooter unattended outdoors. Scooters aren't easy to secure, so it probably goes without saying that they're easy to steal. Roll them indoors if you need to, but keep them within sight if you don't want to walk home, helmet in hand.